In March of this year I was contacted by an attorney who found me through the blog post “The Findlaw Website Cost” that we posted awhile back. Once we spoke, he gave me the low down on how his business was stopped dead in its tracks and that he needed some help.

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Client Problem

This was an attorney who had bought into the FindLaw website model and was presently spending approximately $3000/month on his website only to find that he was not receiving any leads from it. They said that because they (FindLaw) were a law company, they knew best how to market his firm. They also already had leads that were searching for his business/specialty on a daily business and if he hired them, he could get those leads.

Paying Too Much For Leads

Paying Too Much For Leads?

After serving out a 2 year contract, he was not only left frustrated but his pocketbook was much lighter as well. We found out while speaking with him that his leads from this services started out O.K. (his words) but over the last 12 months, he couldn’t find a single lead that came in from the service (which had cost him $36,000 over that time). After looking at his website analytics, we determined that he was getting maybe a few looks from this method, but no leads.

We spoke with him about Pay Per Click advertising for attorneys and he said that he had an account set up awhile back (that he did himself), but did not have much success.

We explained that because he was new to the PPC world, setting up your own account is kind of like making trying to repair your car (if you have NO car repair experience). There are so many settings and variables that without understanding what he was doing, he was more than likely wasting more money than he would ever recoup. We also let him know that we are Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Certified and have passed certification exams (by Google) showing that we understand how the system works and are experienced in this field.

Click to Contact Us TodayAfter a short discussion he decided to give us a shot (especially since we don’t have contracts locking him in for a long period of time).

Client Solution

We had experience in working with attorneys in the past and discussed this with him. He said that he didn’t want to spend $3000/month (as he had no results) and just wanted to try a smaller amount. He suggested $800 for the first month.

Attorney Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Does Work, When Done Correctly.

To get started, we first moved his website over to an affordable solution. We moved it over to a $5.00/month hosting solution (which is all that he needed) and then started researching setting up a Pay Per Click campaign for him.

We researched his field and set up a keyword list. Once this list was put together, we went over that list with him to make sure that we weren’t advertising any services that he did not want to. Upon completion of this conversation we proceeded to set up a number of landing pages for his advertisements.

Once that was completed, we crafted his ads and linked them to his landing pages. His setup was now complete (in less than 7 days) and we just needed to wait for the first results.

Click to Contact Us TodayNOTE: Once we turn a campaign on, there are a number of adjustments made (especially in the first several days). We don’t EVER set it and forget it. In fact, we make an average of 70-90 adjustments to a campaign over a 30 day period.

Lawyer / Attorney Pay Per Click Results

After 30 days of advertising he mentioned that his calls picked up immediately and so did his business. It has consistently picked up so much that he is now spending  $3000/month on his online advertising. In fact, last month he received 31 leads from our online advertising efforts (and those are just the ones that we we’re able to track).

NOTE: We’re now implementing dynamic phone number insertion to better track phone call leads so that our clients know EXACTLY what phone calls have come from their online PPC efforts.

As his business is a service business and he does not get paid right away, he let us know that about 60 days into his advertising campaign that we had driven approximately $12,000 into his business. This was all off of about $1000 in advertising spend. Not a bad return on investment.

We’ve had repeated phone calls with our client since we started working with him and he continues to let us know how much he appreciates our efforts and the fact that we take the time to speak with him about his account whenever he would like.

If you are an attorney or you know of any attorneys who may be interested in Pay Per Click marketing or would like to find out more about it, please have them give us a call today or contact us using our contact form. It’s a quick and easy conversation where we can give you answers to any questions that you may have.

Attorney Pay Per Click marketingClick to Contact Us Today can work (and work really well) when done correctly.

*Results like the ones from this client are not guaranteed and are just the experience of that particular client*