Business Marketing Doesn't Have To Be ComplexThat’s right… I said it. When marketing your business, you don’t have to have a 12-step funnel. Sure, there are some absolute advantages for upsells, multi-step funnels, etc.

However, if you’re just starting out… and are new to the online marketing process, keep it simple so that you can at least get started.

I see too many people who for their first marketing funnel are going gangbusters and trying to set up a VERY complex funnel the first time.

And that typically ends up as a huge failure (if they ever finish the funnel).

Keep Your Marketing Simple

So, just try a 2 page funnel. Literally, just craft a landing page and a thank you page.

That’s it. Nothing more.

This works well, ESPECIALLY for new service businesses (and existing ones as well), where they’re just trying to get leads / service appointments.

It’s better to start getting some leads immediately then spending 6 months trying to finish your funnel.

Get the leads/business rolling and then add another step to your funnel. No one is saying you need to have 3 funnels to get started.

You just need ONE.

Another advantage of starting small is what if you have the wrong offer or upsell? Then, you’ve spent a ton of time crafting a funnel that doesn’t work. If you start with a single offer/page and you don’t see any results, then you can easily change it.

So craft your offer and put it on a landing page and start by driving traffic to that page and testing your offer.

Start simple with your business marketing and you can start having some success right out of the gates.

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