Hi… Mike Mancini here with Mancini Digital.

Today I want to give you a quick lesson on when a good idea goes bad.

As a marketing agency, we test a lot of different things. But sometimes, it goes FAR from perfect.

We did a long Facebook post just a little bit ago and the headline reads; “Ever Feel Like You’re Chasing Your Tail When It Comes to Business Marketing?

I thought that was a decent headline and I should find a picture of a dog chasing his tail. Done.

I found a picture of a really cute puppy. Great…. right?

Marketing Fail

How Can a Picture Like This Go Wrong?

A Great Image Can Spark a LOT of Engagement

Let’s take a look at the engagement that this post received. It had a ton of awesome engagement. 277 likes in just 1 day.


I thought it was going really well. It didn’t get a ton of comments but it had a few shares (and this should have been the first clue as if it has GOOD engagement, there will be shares and comments).

But what I want to show you is, that because this audience was big enough, I loaded it into Facebook audience insights.

I wanted to see the type of people that were engaging with this post.

So, when I look at the demographics, I see 55% women, 45% men. The majority of them were single… and so on.

But when I click over to “Page Likes”, it’s a completely different story. Here’s what I see for “Top Categories”.

Dog Pages

Not Exactly My “Target Market”

• GoPetie (Dog Website)
• ActiveDogs.com (Dog Website)
• Dogipot (Dog Website)
• Pet Loss Grief Counseling (Dog Website)
• Sabrina Pound (Dog Website)
• Homeward Bound Animal Rescue (Dog Website)
• And so on….

Obviously, not my target market. 😊

As I’m sure some of you know, I’m trying to work with business owners and offer them marketing services. Not dog services. 🙂

That’s great if business owners are dog lovers, but not exactly the target market I was going for. And it doesn’t even end there.

• Animal Rescue
• Mane ‘n Tail Personal Care
• Fidoplanet

You just can’t make this stuff up. It just goes on, and on, and on. Major marketing fail!

This is a Marketing Fail

But what I’m going to do is to change the image of the post and try running it to a different audience to see how it performs.

But this is a great teaching moment.

Images are obviously very important. It proves that just the image alone can bring a ton of engagement to your post or to your page. However, it can also backfire in a big way.

Luckily, I didn’t spend a ton of money on this (only $20).

But I wanted to show you an example that images are important, but keep that in mind next time when you’re taking a look at your campaign, make sure you have an image that will grab someone’s attention but also that’s it’s appropriate to what you’re talking about.

That and the fact that yes…. Marketers do fail from time to time. 🙂  …. but that’s why we test things.

I hope that helps. See you next time.

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