Frustrated with Findlaw Websites and the Findlaw Website cost?

Recently I had a client referred to me who is an attorney. She previously had one of the Findlaw websites that was provided to her by Findlaw (a division of Thomson Reuters).

When she came to me, she was quite frantic as her website had COMPLETELY disappeared. Once she calmed down, she stated that she used to be with Findlaw and they built the site (with her information) and hosted the website for her.

Findlaw Websites and the Findlaw Website Cost

Now here’s the kicker. Her Findlaw Website cost was $850 A MONTH!

Now I was really curious. Were they doing monthly SEO? Is there any Pay Per Click involved? Is Findlaw managing her social media accounts? What was she having done?

Absolutely nothing she told me. She said that they built the website with her information and that was it.  She was not doing any Pay Per Click, she did not have any social media accounts.

She also stated that she did not believe that she had obtained ONE single client from the website in almost a year.

I asked her to see her Analytics for the site (her traffic reports) and she sent me a one page report that Findlaw sent to her that showed me NOTHING. (Figure A)

Findlaw Websites Analytics Report

Findlaw Websites Analytics Report (Figure A)

Then when she balked at the cost of the hosting package…POOF! The website was gone. They had taken it down and left nothing in its trail.

I told her that I could find the information from her old website (since it was information about her and her practice) and build another site for her in just a few days. Then I told her the price.

Findlaw Websites Review

Based on her website, and the number of pages and a few other factors, it would run about $700 to build a new site. Then the hosting would run $5/month. And she would also OWN her site. She can move it where ever she wants and update it easily by herself (we show her how to do this).

Needless to say, she was a bit concerned. How can this guy build me a website like the one that I had at FindLaw and do it for so cheap.

My answer was simple…because the Findlaw Websites are needlessly overpriced. And they are getting it month in and month out from attorneys all over the world.

They are making it seem like they are helping these attorneys get all of this traffic and business to their sites but if you look at the Analytics report, she did not get a SINGLE visitor to her site that month from the service…and she was paying $850 a month for it.

Now, I had to take into account, was this a new attorney? Nope, she has been in business for almost 20 years.

Did she just try the Findlaw websites service for a month or so? Nope, she had been with them for almost a year (and in that time had spent almost $10,000 for her Findlaw website).

Why would she pay that amount for a website? Answer: Because she did not know any better.

Findlaw Website Cost

Findlaw Website Cost

The one problem with the Findlaw websites is that they are built by a service that is NOT following up to date SEO practices and if they are, they are NOT updating the sites.

Her site had some problems on it that the Google (Panda and Penguin) Updates would penalize her for.

Her SEO was nonexistent on some pages and WAY OFF on others.

She was not receiving PPC ads pointing to her sites.

Now none of this was her fault, she just did not know any better. She did not know that there are other services out there that can do what she wants to do and do it for a reasonable price.

She just assumed that because they were a Law company, that they had her best interests at heart. The truth is, they are a business and businesses are built to make money. The problem with this is, people are paying these high prices by the thousands because they have not taken the time to research some other companies who can SHOW them what we can do, and guess what? When we’re done, YOU OWN YOUR SITE. We can’t take it away from you.

So there it is, if you are spending too much for the Findlaw websites service or are interested in having a website built for much less, please give us a call at: (952) 250-4016.

If you’re frustrated with the Findlaw Websites and the Findlaw Website Cost, we would love the opportunity to speak with you and help you save some money AND get some traffic to the website that you paid good money for.