If You’re Not Tracking… You’re Not Marketing!

That’s why you NEED to download our free lead tracking worksheet (no opt-in required).

If you’re not tracking your leads, you’re just throwing money down the toilet.

Why is that Mike? Well, I thought you’d never ask! 😊

Most Businesses Just Don’t Track Their Leads

According to the clients I’ve worked with in the last 5 years, more than 90% of those business owners are NOT tracking their marketing the way that they should be.

Are You Tracking Your Marketing Leads?

So, you know what that means? It means that essentially there are 90% of the people out there who are wasting HUGE amounts of money every day.

Since I started this business, I know where 100% of my business has come from. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying that to let you know that I’m not just suggesting some tactic that I don’t use in my own business.

And when I ask people how they track their marketing, the typical answer I get is “Well, I know it’s working because my phone’s ringing.”

That’s NOT tracking. That called hoping!

You’re hoping what you just did is working. You’re hoping that marketer you just hired is doing their job. You’re hoping that’s what’s driving your business. But how do you know for sure?

Chances are that you are doing more than one thing to market your business. It could be anything from networking groups, to SEO, to paid advertising.

So, how do you know which channel the leads came from?

Well, that subject gets a bit more technical, but really quick, it comes down to analytics, tracking codes, pixels, tracking phone numbers, and just plain old asking your customer when you speak to them.

We’ll cover some of those tracking methods in future posts.

But for those of you (especially with a service type business), you’re speaking to every single client.

The first thing you should say after finding out their name should be “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but we really try hard to keep track of our marketing. Can I ask how you found us?”

I know, that may be a bit long winded, but I tend to get better answers when I explain why I’m asking. I don’t just assume that the person would know why.

When I used to ask, “Where did you hear about us”, the common answer I would get was “the internet”. Not exactly what I would call targeted tracking.

So, when I ask the longer version, I would usually hear things like, “Oh, no problem. I found you when I was doing a Google search for digital marketers”, or “Sure, I saw one of your posts on Facebook.”

Then, of course, my next question would be “Which Facebook post?” And because I initially phrased it like I did, I’ve NEVER received any poor answers. They’re always very detailed.

Then, I would of course record the answer.

Why You Should Be Tracking Every Lead

Not only does it help me with my marketing tracking, but because I asked them that simple question, I’ve already deduced what their problem might be.

If they Googled digital marketer. I know exactly why they’re calling.

If they saw a Facebook post about tracking their leads, they may be a bit more advanced with their marketing and I know this before I even hear them say it (this can sometimes help you with your sales process).

Also, at the end of the month or quarter, you can look back at where you’ve spent your marketing dollars. Did that direct mailer work? If not… don’t do it again and funnel the money to somewhere else that is working.

Are your Google ads performing poorer than your Facebook ads? Maybe it’s time to funnel some money from your Google ad spend to your Facebook ads?

Your tracking worksheet will tell you EXACTLY where you should be spending your hard-earned marketing dollar.

And if your marketing professional ISN’T hard on you about measuring your business… then you should find another marketing professional.

Don’t just take their word for it… know where your business is coming from.

Anyway, we’ve created a free lead tracking worksheet. No opt-in required. Nothing to sign up for.

For the lead tracking worksheet, simply go to: http://www.mancinidigital.com/lead-tracking-worksheet

There’s a download link and a quick video showing you how we use it (just a couple of minutes).

Just simply download it, track your leads, and save your marketing provider some heartache.

Because “my phone is ringing” just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Hope that helps.


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