2013 Marketing HighlightsSo were starting a new area on Mancini Digital highlighting different Marketing tactics that we find (or that are sent in by our readers). Now these marketing highlights, tips, tricks, or ideas don’t have to necessarily revolve around Internet Marketing, but just Marketing in general.

We want to highlight these to prove one point only.

Marketing does not have to be TRADITIONAL!

A few weeks ago we moved to a new house. When I was packing up some old books, I found my old college marketing books from the 90’s. Now these marketing books had absolutely NOTHING to do with Internet Marketing as email had just been introduced (WOW am I really dating myself) and the books were only about marketing in the traditional sense.

Television, print, radio, etc. And these were all about what has worked in the past (i.e. traditionally). The problem that I have with these books and also did at that time was that they did not teach you how to think outside of the box.

They were all about doing things the same way as other people did them before. There was no groundbreaking ideas. There was nothing new that anyone had brought to the table in the last 30 years.

marketing highlight #1

Marketing Highlight #1

So, as a memorial to that marketing book (which was promptly recycled), I wanted to start a Marketing Highlights area. Whenever I find a new (or unique) way that someone is marketing their business, themselves, or their products, I’m going to add them to the site.

Become Part Of Marketing Highlights 2013

Here is a perfect example. This plumber decided to do some MEMORABLE marketing with a paint job on the side of his truck. Now I really doubt that he found that idea in a marketing book. But talk about effective and most of all memorable.

Not only to prove to you that when it comes to marketing, you don’t have to think inside a box. But also that a good marketing ploy DESERVES to be highlighted so that others can use that for inspiration.

So if you have any great marketing highlights, tips, tricks, or have seen any lately, fill out a comment below and include a link to a picture or site that you think deserves to be highlighted for our 2013 Marketing Highlight section.

Leave a comment below about your Marketing Highlights for 2013