When you’re marketing your business, are you crafting messages that YOU like? Because what you should be doing is crafting messages that your potential customers respond to or like.

We’re all neck deep in our businesses. But when it comes to marketing, too many business owners just put something out there because THEY like it.

THEY are the business owners. NOT the potential customers.

Of course we all like our OWN marketing messages… We came up with them.

But I just want you to step back for a minute and say it out loud with me; “I’m not always right.”

Test Your Marketing Message

Test Your Marketing MessageHere’s a test, the next time you have a marketing message, go to your business Facebook page and put a post out there letting people know what’s going on.

Say something like “We’re putting together a number of new marketing campaigns. Would you buy something because of this ad?”

Disarm them a bit and say that a marketing agency you hired put it together (so that they don’t feel like they’re hurting your feelings with any negative reviews) and ask them for their HONEST opinion.

Would you buy this? Why and or why not? What’s wrong with the message?

Use Your Social Media Following to TEST Your Marketing

If you haven’t had enough responses, just spend $5 and boost your post to the right audiences.

This is one of the BEST uses for social media for businesses.

There are more than enough people waiting to offer a negative opinion. Most will be very respectful, but be ready for those who are just looking to tear someone down (no matter how good it is).

Test the message in front of your audience and let THEM tell you what resonates rather than just going off of intuition alone.

Go into this with an open mind and be prepared for the worst response. Remember it’s for the good of your business… not your ego.

If you’re interested in having us test your marketing message or if you need us to help you come up with one, please go to: https://meetme.so/ManciniDigital and schedule a strategy session with us today (at your convenience of course).

Hope that helps!