Today we’re continuing our series about our top internet marketing tools that we use in our agency. Coming in at #5, we have Crazy Egg.

My #5 Top Internet Marketing Tool is: Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a marketing tool that allows you to visually see where people are clicking (and spending their time at) on your website. After installing a simple code on your website, Crazy Egg will take a snapshot of your webpage and then show you with little dots, where people are clicking on your page.

Are they clicking the button that you want them to? Are they clicking on the image? Are they not clicking at all?

It’s an absolutely awesome tool that will help you with A/B testing as well. They also have a new feature that will let you record your visitor’s movements. So, as they’re scrolling, clicking and moving throughout your site, you can actually watch their movements to see where people are getting hung up or spending most of their time.

This tool will also allow you to see how far people scroll down the page. Are they actually getting to the bottom of the page? And that can be EXTREMELY important if you have your call to action at the bottom of the page. Are people ever even actually getting down that far to see it?

This software will absolutely surprise you when it shows you that the majority of people never even get 1/2 way down to the bottom (or do they).

I waste more time with this tool than any other as it never ceases to amaze me where people are spending their time on your page and what they’re clicking on.

It gives you GREAT insight on where people are getting hung up on your page and lets you know what visitors to your website are interested in.

My #5 top marketing tool is Crazy Egg.
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