Marketing online has become more and more complicated over the past several years with all the tools that are available. But where do you spend your hard-earned dollars?
Well in this video series, I’m going to let you know my top 6 Internet Marketing Tools. Let’s get to it!

My #6 Top Internet Marketing Tool is: Hootsuite.

In today’s online marketing world, it’s easy to get lost in all the tools that are available for you to use to help you market your business. Regardless of whether they are free tools or paid tools, you need to be selective in which marketing tools that you choose to use. Otherwise, you could either go broke (from paying for all of them), or spending most of your time just learning how to use the tools (rather than actually marketing).

Hootsuite is a social media marketing tool. Hootsuite allows you to post to the big social media platforms all at the same time and all from the same platform. You can post immediately, or schedule all of them to go out later.

But the one HUGE advantage of using Hootsuite that is often overlooked is the fact that it keeps you OFF of social media. You know that you’ve signed into Facebook before meaning to put out a post and get back to work and then you just get sucked in.

With Hootsuite, you’re doing your social media posting without getting distracted by the social media posts. And, as I stated before, you can post to all the channels at the same time.

My #6 internet marketing tool, is Hootsuite. You can find out more about them at: