Does your holiday marketing excuse fall into one of these categories?

1. It’s too crowded. Everyone else is marketing right now.
2. I’m too busy with the holidays, I’m just going to wait until 2018.
3. I’m not in retail, so it doesn’t really affect me.
4. My industry dies this time of year. Everyone waits to buy until the new year.
5. Insert any other excuse here.

What's Your Marketing ExcuseDecember is typically our BEST month of the year and I would never have guessed that would have happened when I started this business.

So let’s just touch on some of the excuses at the top to explain why it can be YOUR best month of the year.

Guess what all of the excuses at the top have in common?

All of them are just BAD excuses. The truth is, this is one of the best times to market your business and here are just SOME of the reasons why.

Here’s Why They Are Just Marketing EXCUSES

1. So you think it’s too crowded to market your business right now? You may be right. Competition may be up and that does drive advertising costs up. But if everyone else is advertising, that means that there is a lot of business to go around.

I’d always rather get SOME business than just sit on my hands and wait for next month. I’m NEVER going to get 100% of the market (and nobody will), but if the market swells at this time of year, I want a piece of it.

2. Are you too busy with the holidays? Chances are, that’s in your personal life. If you’re busy in your business this time of year, then see answer #1 and go after a bigger piece of it. If you already have a lot of business, why not get more.

I used to own an online t-shirt company and the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Xmas would be about 40% of my yearly revenue. That’s when I hired people, increased inventory and definitely increased advertising. Yes… it was a ridiculous amount of work and 20 hour days aren’t that much fun, but the cash influx always made up for it.

3. If you’re not in retail, it doesn’t matter. People have expendable cash to spend this time of year… why not help them spend it.

It also may be the end of the fiscal year and people have money to spend in their budgets. Even if they don’t, they may have to account for you in next years budget, so put that bug in their ear.

If your in a service industry… this can be a HOT time to market (especially in the home service industry). People are having their friends and families over for Xmas and parties. They want things to be perfect. You should be targeting home owners and letting them know you can get it done for them before the holiday.

4. If you’re in an industry that (you think) is dead this time of year, there are a lot of companies that have their fiscal year conclude with the calendar year and they may have that money in their budgets to spend. If they don’t spend that money… they may lose it next year. Use that as your inspiration.

5. If you have any other excuses… [Insert a witty / smart answer here]

Take Advantage of the Marketing Opportunities

But the reality is, there are a lot of opportunities to market your business during the holidays.

And yes… I know there are always some exceptions (so please don’t just fill up the comments with them).

But the point is, to look at the situation differently than you have in the past. Look at it as a challenge to figure it out. Look at the holiday season as an inspiration. Look at what you’re competitors are doing to get some ideas (don’t copy).

If you agree (or even disagree), let me know in the comments below and like or share this with anyone who you think it could help.

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