So you may be wondering what this How To Write a Blog, 30 for 30 is all about…

Most of you know that here at Mancini Digital, we are all about testing. Not only do we split test, but we like to find other ways to market our (and your) business.

How To Write A Blog

How To Write A Blog

Yes we are a marketing company, but one of the things that we HAVE to do is keep in touch with other people in our industry. I received an email yesterday from Matt Wolfe (we are on his email list). He stated that he was completing a 30 day blog challenge.

Now, I’m not one to sit down and write everyday. In fact, like most people, I don’t even do it once a week. However, in the name of good marketing, we’re starting to take up this challenge. That and the fact that I get the question a lot; Can you teach me how to write a blog?

Sure! Just follow what we’re doing. A blog is just a place to write what you’re thinking. There is not a specific formula. It’s just about what’s on your mind, what you’re customers are looking for, etc.

And we are doing this challenge for a couple of reasons. One, I need to get more into the habit of updating my website more often. And repetition will soon become habit (hopefully).

But not only that, but putting that kind of information out there has been proven to attract not only more visitors to a website, but also more subscribers to our newsletter, more possible clients for our services, hence more money in our pockets.

How to write a blog, 30 blog posts in 30 days (and no, I’m not going to take weekends off). I may not be in the office on the weekend, but I will post 2 posts on Friday or Monday. Regardless of how it gets done, I’m going to get 30 posts done in 30 days.

Now I also thought about “I’m not going to have anything to write about after 5 days”. Now in the marketing world, there is always something to write about. But just like everyone else, I can get writer’s block also.

How To Write a Blog in 30 Days

So here are just some of the things that I can and will blog about over the next 30 days:

Education Pieces – We have always been about educating our customers. Now we will do it online with a post or 10.

Breaking News – In the marketing world we are just about 6 minutes away from another Google update that will drastically change the search world as we know it. There is always something to write about with the current marketing news.

How To Guide – This is something that I actually have already written in the past, but I just have not put it out there. And even if I had not, a how-to-guide does not have to be long. It can be a how to add a post to a WordPress website. How to link your social media accounts to your website. How to write a how to guide. You get the picture.

Video – I’m planning on adding in some video pieces to our blog (and putting those videos on YouTube and then embedding the code to our website). These videos are going to be educational, breaking news, how to, basically everything that we have already spoken about, just in video form. Once those videos are done, we can then take and have them transcribed also and use that as more content on our site.

FAQ’s – I tell all my clients to do this, but I’ve not been very proactive myself (what do you expect…I’m busy helping everyone else market their business, I don’t have time to do it myself). Take a frequently asked question that you have received a couple or times or more. Then write a blog post about it with the answer (this is great for video as well). These can add up and before long, you may have ten, twenty, or even a hundred new posts on your site.

So you now get the idea. Let me know in the comments below if there is something that you think I should write about over the next 30 days (or what you think about my challenge). Wow…post 1 already finished. Do you know how to write a blog?