Do you believe that web marketing and web design are the same thing? Well, if you do think that they are, then you definitely need to keep reading.

There is a HUGE difference between the both of them. Now, I put it in a video… Watch it below to find out more.

Once you’re finished, do you have a story or experience (positive or negative) about working with a web designer or web marketer? Let us know in the comments below the video and transcription…

Web Marketing vs Web Design – The SAME?

If you were sick and dying, would you hire your local auto technician to perform a lifesaving surgery on you? Now just stick with me here, because I do have a point….

Hi…my name is Mike Mancini and I’m the founder of Mancini Digital.

I ask a completely ridiculous question like that to get a specific answer which would of course be “NO”. There is no way you would ever hire an auto technician to perform surgery on you. They don’t have the medical education, they don’t have the proper training, and they don’t have the proper tools. You would hire them to fix your car, but not your body.

Web Marketing vs Web DesignSo why would you hire a web designer over a marketing expert to build your business website?

Well, you would hire a web designer to make your website look good, right? Sure, when we’re all building our websites, we have a vision in our mind about how we want it to look. Maybe we know the colors, the layout, the images. But is that the most important thing?

What I find 9 out of 10 times when we do website development is that our vision is usually completely different than the people who hire us. They are usually thinking visually. I’m thinking in dollars and cents.

When people hire me to do a web development project, I don’t see just a pretty finish on a new website.

I see sales. I see conversions. I see people finding this website because I marketed it correctly and those people who found it are calling my clients to solicit their business.

However, too many people overlook this when they are building their sites. They build it, but they put no thought at all into how it operates. They just want it to look pretty.

“What do you want your website to do?”

That question is on the front page of our website, front and center! Because it’s the first question that we ask our clients when we sit down to meet with them. Do you want your website to sell a product? Do you want your site to educate potential customers? Do you want people to call you once they find your website?

This is a question that needs to be answered BEFORE you build a website. And most of the time, a web designer does not ask this question.

Now, this is not a rant about web designers. But why not marry the two? Marketing AND web design.

And that’s what we do. We work closely with our designers to have them understand the message that we need to get across and they work with those ideas in mind when they make the sites look amazing.

So when it comes to Marketing vs. Web Design, the obvious choice is to have a great looking website that markets itself effectively. Then the winner is you… the client.

So do you have a story (positive or negative) about working with web designer or marketers? If so, let us know in the comment section below.

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